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With many years of experience, Avril is a qualified and fully insured professional photographer who takes time to understand what you need and takes care to deliver it to your specifications including liaison with your printer, graphic designer and anyone else involved in your project.

Whether you need one photograph or one hundred, Avril applies a consistent, professional standard to every shot. It's an investment in quality that pays for itself and puts your business two steps ahead of the competition.

You already know that your image can make or break your business – so call Avril Jones to capture your business in its best possible light.


My Learning Path

I started with trial and error, then took to learning from books.  I was quite happy with the photos I produced but felt sure there were holes in my knowledge and understanding of cameras.  Photography had become increasingly important to me over the years and I wanted to gain a recognised qualification.  Knowing a degree course would be too big a commitment, I enrolled on a BTEC Diploma course, vowing not to settle for less than a Distinction.  College filled those knowledge holes with essential details that hadn't been mentioned anywhere else.  It's a great feeling things just drop into place.  And I got my Distinction with the aid of many double-ended candles and not enough sleep.  There's a lot of research and writing, not just taking pictures.

After my course I joined the Royal Photographic Society and worked towards their Licentiate distinction.  I attained this in 2011.  It is the first of three levels of Distinction offered by the Society, each level being significantly more challenging.  Working towards the Associateship level is on my current To Do list.