Edgehill Studios | Escape from Auto

Escape from Auto

One-to-One:  £80

Group of 3 -4:  £39 per person.

Escape from Auto lasts three hours.  I recommend using my studio and surroundings in cold weather as it's hard to concentrate when you're shivering!  That said, I can come to your preferred location, within reason.

Please call or email to book.

Reasons to learn with Edgehill Studios

  • Get it right, fast.  Who needs trial and error?
  • Jargon minimised.  
  • It's more fun learning from someone who wants to help you succeed.  
  • Get to grips with the basics and be ready to take your next steps.

What you will do and learn:

  • Seeing and managing light.
  • Exposure.  Washed out?  Too dark?  Learn why and how to avoid these problems.
  • Where and how to focus.  Avoiding camera shake and accidental blurring of your subject.
  • Getting blur where you do want it, eg in the background.
  • Freeze or deliberately blur motion, whether it's a waterfall or sports action.
  • We'll talk about the types of image you hope to create and, if possible, incorporate those ideas into the workshop.
  • You'll be given outline notes with space to put more detail in your own words.

Bring your user manual so we can look at your own camera and its particular features and functions.  Don't forget batteries and memory cards.

Follow-up sessions can be booked according to your needs.

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